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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Biology Level 1: Real Science 4 Kids Chapters 1 and 2

We are using Real Science 4 Kids Biology Level 1.   I plan to post a review of this science program.  For now, I am just posting some helpful You Tube videos to help with chapter experiments and gain a better understanding of the material. I will post two chapters at a time.

Chapter 1:  Living Creatures

An explanation to taxonomy

What are the 5 Kingdoms?

Chapter 2: Cells:  The Building Blocks of Life

Before you view the You Tube Videos for this chapter, take a look at this project.  I did this with my 6 and 8 yr old. They are using curriculum REAL science by Pandia Press 

  • Liquid looking stuff is plasma, which moves everything through your veins and arteries.
  • Little tiny circular discs are platelets. This is what helps you form a scab so your cut won't continue to bleed.
  • Those large white objects are white blood cells. We only have a one white blood cell for every 10,000 red blood cells in our body.
  • Lastly, the red doughnut shape without the middle missing, or indented circle, is our red blood cells.