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Friday, May 31, 2013

Planning: Evaluating Prior Year

It is time to start thinking about/planning the next school year.  Planning strongly influences the flow of your school and family life.   There are a few steps I go through for planning.  First, start with an overall evaluation.  The key areas evaluated are academic, social, character, habits, and family cohesiveness.

1.    Evaluate the previous school year. 
o   Did everything run smoothly?  If not, why? 
o   What worked?
o   What didn't work? 
o   Discuss with your children/spouse their thoughts for the year.
o   If there is time have them complete a questionnaire.

2.    Evaluate each child.
o   What areas need improvement?
o   Where did he/she shine last year?
o   What habits do they need to work on?
o   List curriculum used and decide whether it is worth using again or scratching.
o   Use resources to gain insight of where your child should be.  I typically use The Well Trained Mind as my guide.

3.    Evaluate time.
o   Did we manage our time well?  Look at each week, day and the overall year.
o   Did we playing catch up most of the year?
o   Did our days seem relaxed or stressed?
o   What activities did we participate in?  Were they worth the time spent?
o   Was there time for them to explore new things, be bored, play games, etc.

4.    Evaluate yourself.
o   Decide your strengths and weaknesses.
o   Did you take care of yourself and not just the family OR too much on yourself?
o   Were you approachable by your children? 
o   Did you feel stressed or overwhelmed?  If so, can you pinpoint why?  
o   Did you use your time wisely?

This overall evaluation should not take long.  It is just taking a quick glance at the year and what stands out.  Do not be too critical.  This process helps you begin to think about what is going well and changes that you might need to make. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a Year

When I started this blog last year, I was determined to post as often as possible.  Unfortunately, our life became very busy.  We spent last summer selling and buying a new home.  This took all my time and little was left for planning our homeschool much less posting to this blog.  The lack of planning definitely affected our homeschool this year. 

I found that I piled on too much school, activities, etc.  Throughout the year the love of learning slowly faded away from my children and to tell the truth myself.  Everyone has one bad year, right?  I have not kept my observations from my children.  I even gave them questionnaires to complete to make things better.   My older daughters both told me it was because I didn’t plan.  Maybe my lack of planning will inspire them to see the benefits of planning?

As we slowly end this school year, I am revved up about the next.  I have all my planning materials laid out on my desk.  Notes I have jotted down through the year and I look forward to posting the planning process here on the 2inspire5.  My contact email for this blog is inspire5@outlook.com  

At the end of May I will be hosting a giveaway for the Well Planned Day Planner.  There is a link on the blog for their planners.  (It was one of my saving graces this year.)