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Friday, February 28, 2014

Start Homeschooling: My kids do not want to homeschool.

The unknown can be very scary for adults as well as children.  It is not uncommon for kids to be hesitate at the idea of homeschooling.  Especially, if they do not have friends that are homeschooled.

What is a parent to do to ease this anxiety?  

First, make sure you have your priorities/goals of why you are choosing homeschooling.  My goal is to have children who grow up to be self-sustaining, empathetic, happy, intelligent individuals whom love to learn.  I knew that homeschooling was the avenue we needed to reach that goal.   

Communicate with your children.   It is our job to encourage, discipline, and direct our children's lives.  Be honest and do not make false promises and over sell it.  

Show them the research you have completed on homeschooling.  Let them know about homeschool groups they can join.  I remember our first field trip, I asked my kids to introduce themselves to one person.  They informed me they would, but they would never have any other friends unless they went to their previous private school.   Guess what, they ended up making friends.
Friends was the only concern my kids had about homeschooling.  They really didn't care about the school part, but what about my friends.  If possible continue the afterschool activities, so they are still in contact with their current friends.

To prepare for your family discussion, make a list of why you want to homeschool your children.  Use this to help explain why you feel homeschooling is a good choice.  Be positive, honest and listen to your children and you will be off to a great start! 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Start Homeschooling: How will I keep kids socialized?

When we started homeschooling, 4 of my 5 children were in a private school.  They were involved in after school activities and always on the go.  This meant I was always on the go.

Socialization was a concern of mine when we made the decision to homeschool.  After all,  I did not want the kids to become socially awkward.

In my experience the only aspect that has changed from the kids going to school is the classroom environment. The kids still have "afterschool activities" and life became easier because the homework was obsolete.  They completed their school during the day and there was no homework.  

At first they kept their friends that were still in school.  It took about a year before they began to really make new friends whom homeschooled.  My kids began to be friends with their siblings friends.  There was no longer a division of I'm in 3rd grade so I am only friends with other 3rd graders. 

It is similar to moving, you keep in touch with your really good friends and begin to gain new ones.  This does take a little bit of time, unless you are extremely extrovert. 

Where do you begin this process of socializing your kids if you are at home homeschooling?  

Depending how hectic your life might currently be, you may want to take a few months just to enjoy your children, let them relax, and get that love of learning feeling.  We started homeschooling in August and did not do any homeschool activity until January.  (They still did things with their school friends)

As soon as you think you may homeschool locate any support groups that are in your area.  The best place to start is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, www.hslda.org You can select the state you live in and see the contact resources available at 
This is the best place to start and not the only resources available for your state/location.  

Here is a list of ideas your kids can be involved in while homeschooling:

  • Music/Art Lessons
  • Sports (some states have homeschool sports teams)
  • Co-op (Kids take classes taught by other parents)
  • One Day Schools (Where I live there are about 4 one day schools.  You pay to send your child one day a week)
  • Scouts
  • 4H
  • Support Groups

Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Start Homeschooling?

Every year families are making the decision on whether they should homeschool or not. This can be a difficult, life changing decision. I think the hardest part is entering the unknown. This was one of my greatest concerns. 

I have not posted in a while and thought this subject would be a great way to start this planning season.  I asked a friend whom is contemplating homeschooling what her top questions were.  Here they are and I plan to answer these through a series of posts.