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Friday, March 13, 2015

Jack's Insects

As many may already know we do our best to have a Charlotte Mason inspired home school.   We have started reading one of the books that would have been used in one of her schools.  It is called Jack's Insects by Edmund Selous originally published in 1910.  Here is a picture of the text:

The story begins with a young boy who dreams to be an entomologist.  He is showing his younger sister his new book.  They fall asleep and are suddenly in the book.  If you decide to read this book,  I have listed some of the characters they meet and learn about on their journey. 

Chapter 2  Jack Promises the Great Morpho Butterfly

Chapter 2:  Quite Unintentional Insult
Blue Morpho Butterfly

Chapter 4: A Butterfly with a Grievance- and Other Butterflies
 Heliconea Butterfly
Leaf Butterfly

Chapter 5:  Caterpillars Extraordinary
 Flowering Caterpillar
 Twig Caterpillar
Snake Caterpillar

Chapter 6:  Very Surprising Adventures
These two spiders pick them up when they are looking at flowers.

Flowering Mantis

Chapter 7 Jack and Maggie Have Their Lives Saved
Green Leaf Grasshopper

Chapter 8- All Full of Glory and Grandeur

Plague Locust

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